The core mission of MMI is to provide Health, Healing, and Hope to the world's sick, suffering, and needy people.




The MMI MedNet

How We Operate


The MMI MedNet is a cooperative network of various healthcare charities that work together on a voluntary basis to screen and assist medical projects around the world.  Each local charity in the network is an independent NGO that operates under the laws of its own country.


The primary purpose of MMI MedNet is to improve the quality of health care projects and save costs.  By cooperating together in this way, MMI is better able to:


  • Screen and select the quality health care programmes we assist
  • Share and reduce costs of providing aid to the needy
  • Inspect and report on programme services
  • Gather mission-essential information
  • Produce mission-critical communications faster
  • Save programme costs by sharing knowledge